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Consumers at the center of our world

Thanks to our many years of experience, first in the world of hairdressers and then in that of large retailers we have refined models that allow us to select the products most requested by consumers, to the point of interpreting their habits, desires and trends. For example, thinking about the female universe in relation to hair products, we know that most women prefer to buy innovative, high performance products with an eye towards sustainability. Consequently, when we interface with supplier companies, we know what to choose and what to propose.

Wholesalers: a category to be protected

Knowing the market means being aware of giving value to the SUPPLY-CHAIN.

This is why we always have a stock on the ground: we know market needs continuous supplies.

Wholesalers are one of the fundamental components of a complex machine; with them we remain flexible in the offer phase but always giving value to the product while remaining within the right price ranges.

Desires over economy

The market research we have conducted over the years has made us grasp another fundamental aspect about consumers habits : the desirable aspect “weighs” more than the economic one. If a brand has a great attraction, the price takes on a secondary value. Consumers who “want” that product will be able to buy it according to what the brand represents regardless of the economic investment.

Evolution of the IT side of the company: Technological automatisms

The last four years we have introduced a series of automatisms within our company. From machinery that work without human help, to systems that manage and facilitate the orders flow in our management system, speeding up the fulfillment processes and reducing the risk of error to almost Zero. All this allows each sector to have an updated overview to the minute.



The technological implementation has had a decisive influence on the performance of the logistics department. The work of the operators is not only facilitated, but guided and monitored through the terminals connected to our management system which accurately indicate the location of the products and reduce the margin of error to around zero.

This organisational strategy allows us to certainly know the availability of the stock products, those arriving, those being processed and their workstations.

Furthermore, through this system, the performance indicators are monitored 24 hours a day to keep every gear under control and act promptly where necessary.

The operators always know how their day is organized and scheduled, they know exactly the timing for managing an order and the processing methods to follow.

Infrastructure investments

Our structural evolution foresees an expansion of the product sectors. Strengthened by our experience and our knowhow, we look with interest at the diversification of the products sold and the expansion of the brand portfolio, as well as our customer network.

All this will also involve investments in terms of additional physical space and new staff to be hired.


Data driven mind set

La nostra azienda si assicura costantemente che lo staff abbia le giuste conoscenze per gestire i flussi di dati con cui lavora quotidianamente.

Proprio per questo il metodo Hair Industry ha sviluppato e reso efficaci la raccolta e l‘ analisi degli indicatori chiave di performance (KPI), ottimizzando così le metodologie di lavoro.

I dati acquisiti, inoltre, vengono impostati per gestire le strategie commerciali, il lato customer service ed i processi interni all’impresa.

Our company constantly ensures that its staff have the right knowledge to manage the data flows they work with on a daily basis.

Precisely for this reason, the Hair Industry method has developed and made effective the collection and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), thus optimizing the working methods.

Furthermore, the acquired data are set up to manage commercial strategies, the customer service side and the internal processes of the company.

Customer service

We dedicate a huge amount of time in contact with our customers and suppliers to make skills and resources available, providing complete and valuable assistance, collecting feedbacks, information, proposing offers, opportunities for discussion and much more.

On the other side of the phone, there is always someone ready to take care of any need.


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